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T.O.D. Properties, LLC specializes in the development, investment, and brokerage of properties in close proximity to existing and future light rail stations and transportation nodes in the Denver Metro area.  As the mass transit system undergoes significant expansion due to the ongoing FasTracks buildout by the Regional Transportation District, we invest in the future being shaped by a change in demographics and an increase in mass transit infrastructure throughout the region.  This transformation will have a profound impact on future growth and development, with a greater number of people choosing to locate near the nodes of transportation which allow access to all that Denver and its surrounding areas have to offer, without being reliant upon the automobile.

T.O.D. (Transit Oriented Development) -

A mixed-use community within walking distance of a transit stop that mixes residential, retail, office, open space, and public uses in a way that makes it convenient to travel on foot or by public transportation instead of by car..